Jörg Kuhfuß:

Trumpet, Vocals, Bass Saxophone

Jörg Kuhfuß and the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers:
Jörg Kuhfuß takes on an independent role in the jazz scene. His style is original and reminiscent of old recordings of African-American music from the years 1919 to 1925. Jörg grew up with the music of shellac records and still collects a considerable range of them. Thus nothing was more natural to him than to found a band which would correspond to his listening preferences. He often makes compromises so as not to limit the musical freedom of his musicians in improvisation and arrangement. The originality of his band isn't only limited to the well-known and often interpreted composers and interpreters of the 20's and 30's; Kuhfuß has rather generally occupied himself with the historical and folklorical musical inheritance which is almost always listed under the category of jazz music, but really in its own time was rather considered to be local folk and entertainment music. Pieces like "When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo" (Coslow and Fain, 1927; performed by J. Dodds) should be included here. When Jörg begins to sing, the eyes and ears of the public open up. Never before has a German successfully transmitted the vocal forms of jazz or blues of the 20's - which is a way of life all its own - into the auditorium. Let yourself be surprised!

Attending a concert of the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers is like a trip in time whose impression never fades away. This group cultivates just the right style of hot jazz. The classical lineup consists of trumpet, clarinet, and trombone carrying the melody backed up by guitar, tuba, and the distinctive washboard in the rhythm section. They create a fresh, living music, entirely in the spirit of exemplary great musicians such as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton. When this band starts to really "cook" on stage, there's no holding back. Simply good!

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