Markus Löscher:


Markus Löscher Born in Bonn in 1961, Markus discovered his love for the guitar at the age of 16. After getting started in classical music, he quickly moved to folk music and choir accompaniment, where he often held center stage alone as the only accompanist. Occassional appearances with various "easy listening" bands quickly increased his repertoire. He was the rhythm guitarist for a folk and gospel group during a three-year period of service with the German military in the USA.
After his return to Germany he founded his own folk group in Bonn's American community.
His entry into old-time jazz music began in 1990 when he joined the Bonn band the "Chicago Footwarmers." He had already brought the foundation for this with him from the USA. Markus has often accompanied many international jazz musicians. They include Ian Date (g) Australia, Jim Goodwin (tr) USA, Dan Barret (tb) USA und Tom Baker (sax) USA.

Markus Löscher was also actively involved in the first days of the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers. It's very important to Markus as a musician to enjoy the music and to enjoy playing together with the band. He stands out above all for his solid and homogeneous rhythm, which is influenced by New York guitarists like Freddy Green and Marty Grosz. Carefully used chord solos make him an appealing contemporary in the world of jazz flooded with solo guitarists.

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