Michael Neusser:

Drums, Washboard, Percussion

Drums, Percussion, Washboard Michael Neusser, born in Bonn, Germany on August 16th 1959, comes from a very musical family. Beginning in early childhood, he received drum lessons from his father, who had made a name for himself as a professional musician and tap dancer. Soon Michael discovered his predisposition towards Jazz music, but he also kept his interest for other forms of music. His regional activities as a drummer soon attracted the attention of neighbouring institutions. He was signed on as an active member of the Bonn Youth Symphony Orchestra. Shortly thereafter he accepted the standing invitation to play with the University of Bonn's Orchestra.

Side by side with classical pursuits, Michael strove to emulate his role models such as Gene Krupa, Baby Dodds, and other Jazz greats. In his intensive private studies he works with the various playing styles of the most important Jazz percussion instruments. His international musical influences include African, Asian, and Eastern European rhythms.
At the age of 22, Michael completed his formal studies at the Basler Trommel Studium (Basel Percussion Academy) with honors in the area of "Rudimental Drumming". From this time on he was in constant demand as a studio musician, and participated in numerous television and radio productions. Following these successes, Michael received many invitations to play in concerts and on records with well-known Jazz musicians. He has accompanied famous musicians like: George Masso, Dan Barret, Tom Baker, Dodo Maroni, Jimmy Wood, Glen Zottola, Al Grey, Oscar Klein, Charlie Antolini, Rod Mason and many many more. Today he is in international demand, performing accross Europe, America, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and other exotic locations.
Michael is one of the founding members of the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers. It was the idea behind the "stomp", i.e. the pure beat, that induced him to revive this rich rhythm tradition. Loyal to the idea of pure "stomp", Michael's main set up includes a washboard, wood blocks and various cymbals that he plays with his hands and thimbles. Michael's unique use of these instruments is not often seen these days and is virtually unparalleled in Europe. He is without a doubt the heartbeat of the Oklahoma Washboard Stompersí rhythm section and the key to the Jazz-pulse of their music.
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