Martin Scheel:


Martin Scheel, born in 1967 in Kiel, started classical piano lessons at the age of 6. His education in music theory was extensively supported by his parents. Inspired by his father's involvement with the local brass ensemble, his interests turned to classical brass instruments in church music while still a teenager. In 1980, Martin became a member of the Badisches Posaunenwerk, one of the largest constituents of the Lutheran Association of Brass Ensembles. Here he received solid training as a tubist and later as a choir leader. Until the late 1980's, Martin worked for the Posaunenwerk as a teacher for young brass players in practice and in music theory. During this time he was already playing as the first tubist in the Cologne Youth Symphony. His interest in the music of New Orleans was wakened in 1983, again by his father, who took Martin along to the rehearsals for his jazz band. A stay of many years in the United States also contributed to Martin's internalization of the musical way of life of hot jazz and blues. Martin Scheel was soon an oft-requested tubist and sousaphonist in many jazz bands.
In 1993 he received a fixed engagement with the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers.

Martin doesn't just play the bass for the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers - no, he lives it. As a crucial component of the rhythm section, he makes sure that his active playing carries rhythm and harmony simultaneously in combination with the guitar far into space. Above all, his fascinating "bell tone" - it couldn't be found performed more originally on original recordings - contributes to this phenomenon, typical of the jazz of the 20's and 30's.
A bombastic basement for this band!

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