Matthias Seufert:

Clarinet, Alto-Tenor Saxophone

Matthias Seuffert, born on January 29th, 1971 in Kronberg/Taunus, is a soloist in the classic jazz style who's sought after all over Europe. For two years he's been the leader and arranger for Cl. W. Jacobi's Bottomland Orchestra. He recorded a CD as a member of that band in 1993. Matthias works together with the Prague Syncopatet Orchestra (Prag), the Miss Lulu White's Red Hot Creole Jazz Band (CD 1996) (Breda, Prix Sidney d'Or 1992, etc.) and many other bands all over Europe.

In 1992 he played together with Frans Sjoström (Bass-Saxophone, Malmö) at the Breda Festival in the Netherlands. The festival directors were so enthusiastiac about it that they published one of their titles together with selections from the performances of many well-known jazz musicians on the Breda Festival CD 1992.

In spring 1996, Matthias Seuffert recorded a CD of historical jazz titles that had never yet been published with the cooperation of Bent Persson (trumpet, Stockholm), Keith Nichols (piano, London), and other well-known jazz musicians. He's been a member of Bonn's Chicago Footwarmers since 1993. Matthias can regularly be heard at jazz clubs and festivals, including Chicago, Toronto, Breda, Malmö, Budapest, St. Raphael, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Matthias Seuffert is also a founding member of the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers. He's been playing since 1990 in a band whose lineup has changed little since its founding. His style follows the old masters like J. Dodds and passes wonderfully into the musical topography of the band--it's more of a bridge between the "valleys," or, in other words, the various musical backgrounds of the other instrumentalists with the Oklahomas. His is a leading role in the truest sense of the word. With every theme he puts the public under his spell. With every phrase that Matthias presents, his clarinet or saxophone becomes a transmitter of the feelings and stories hidden behind almost every title of older jazz music. Above all it's a great experience to see this young musician play his part with the Oklahoma Washboard Stompers!

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